Is C++ your favorite programing language?

Kent - October 8, 2022

Is C++ your favorite programing language?

And why.


Some days it is, and some days it isn’t.

It makes me cry. It does it really fast though.

Yes, because:

Many of the abstractions it has are really useful and generally not as good in other languages. For example, templates and raii.

It's generally as fast or faster than many other languages, without much effort

It's possible to go much faster than most other languages with more effort -- the language doesn't stand in your way of that.

Many of the major issues with the C++ ecosystem (abi, vulnerabilities due to memory safety bugs, difficulty using many dependencies) were never a big deal for my personal projects, and are adequately mitigated by my employer's internal practices.

Nostalgia: C++ was the language I was using when I finally started to feel like I understood the hardware.

Stockholm syndrome: I got used to debugging C++ issues that other languages don't have, they don't bother me much any more

Switching cost: I am not convinced that any other language could do all of the above in such a better way that it would justify the effort of switching to it.

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