Why do programmers need private offices with doors?

Kent - December 18, 2023


Hand the interrupter a sudoku to solve and interrupt them every 2 minutes, asking them why they are not finished yet.

They should report to you every 5 minutes on the progress and improvements that could be made to go faster. Hand them a second person, who doesn’t know the rules of sudoku to assist them.

Now create an alignment meeting every 10 minutes for the two working on the problem, to better align on the task at hand.

Bring in a project manager with the goal to split up tasks and orchestrate them, so the two working on the problem can focus more on getting things done and have a clear timeline and roadmap. The roadmap needs to fulfill a deadline of 1hr in the future. The project manager gets 3 minutes of the solver-team‘s capacity every 15 minutes.

Once the deadline is exceeded it gets a bit hairy. Bring in the other stakeholders and build a taskforce.

Maybe there’s someone better on the market to solve this problem? Bring in 3 more people who have years of experience in solving crosswords - they cost a fortune, but whatever. They are top notch and have a proven track record in solving crosswords. They immediately need to take over. The solver team now has the task to describe in detail what they have done so far in order for the expensive experts to take over seamlessly. A new set of meetings have been set up to keep everyone on the same page.

The experts start complaining that everything is legacy and need to be redone, since the new kid on the block is crosswords. They trash all the work done on the sudoku and start solving a highly complex crossword.

„Something in such perfection and beauty has never been done in this company“, they happily write onto their LinkedIn pages while they exit the room after their work is done.

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