Space Engineers ValidateAuthTicketResponse TicketCancelled

Kent - October 25, 2023

I started playing Space Engineers again on a multiplayer server I host. Even though I played alone, occasionally I got disconnected every 5-20 minutes. There was no pattern to it, and there were really no good hits on DDG or Google.

The server runs in Docker on a Linux host, I even rebuilt the image from scratch, and it didn’t help. I even ran the server on my local machine, where I’m running the game.

The server logs said ValidateAuthTicketResponse(TicketCancelled), which is Steam’s way of authenticating and authorizing a player to play a game on a server. With TicketCancelled, it means my credentials are not valid somehow, even though I just logged in.

I even signed out and logged in to see if that got me fresh “tickets”, but no.

Sometimes I play with remote play from a laptop, in this case a Mac with M2 processor. And any time used remote play on that, I never got disconnected!

After some experimentation, I found that any time the Mac was sleeping, with Steam open in the background, I would get disconnected by irregular intervals. After I quit Steam on the laptop, the problem went away. I never got TicketCancelled again.


If you follow the logs there will be log lines like:

Server ValidateAuthTicketResponse (OK), Steam ID:[007...366] Owner ID:[007...366]
Server ValidateAuthTicketResponse (TicketCancelled), Steam ID:[007...366] Owner ID:[007...366]

There may be other reasons why you may have that problem, but quitting Steam on a sleeping laptop fixed it for me.

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