Unicorn coloring page with broomstick and Halloween theme

Kent - November 16, 2023

Generated by GPT-4 with prompt:

Can you create a coloring page of a cute, sitting unicorn with wings and large eyes, with a broom ready to fly, with a halloween theme?

GPT-4 description:

A black and white Halloween-themed coloring page featuring a cute, sitting unicorn with wings, large expressive eyes, and holding a broom, ready to fly. The unicorn should have a flowing mane and tail, and a spiraled horn. Its wings are detailed and feathered. The Halloween theme is reflected in the unicorn’s playful costume elements like a witch’s hat, and Halloween decorations like pumpkins and bats around it. The background should be simple, enhancing the whimsical, festive atmosphere, perfect for a children’s Halloween coloring book.

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