The setup

- February 16, 2023

I’ve been thinking of creating a weather station / environment collector service, completely home built. The main components will be simple boards like Arduino with various sensors attached.

It all started when listening on an episode of P3 Dystopia (swedish only) where they talked about air and particle pollution.

Since then it has been lingering on the backburner.

Plans for the collector setup

Without having done any particular amount of research, the overview will be somewhat like this:

graph TD; Arduino1 --> Kafka Arduino2 --> Kafka ArduinoN --> Kafka Kafka --> Database Database --> Dashboard

There may be many connected devices. Each device will be able to log one or more data series.

Some of the parameters that could be collected.

Each parameter will get it’s own series in the database, and each data entry will be tagged with:

I’ve got no preferences for how this data will be transmitted, but PoE (power-over-ethernet), BlueTooth and/or WiFi will be acceptable.

Power will be wired.

Range will be within personal WiFi range.

For extra range, WireGuard can be used to connect two disjoint networks. I would rather not have the collector service on an internet facing endpoint.

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