Notes on Hugo

Kent - December 27, 2022

Make things fail hard and be easy to use.


Use go-html-template for syntax highlighting of shortcodes.


Always use or when using resource bundles. For shortcodes requiring getting resources, fail hard. When expecting an image in a figure shortcode, simply fail with an error if that shortcode is not used in a leaf or branch bundle.

{{/*  Create a error if this is not a part of a bundle  */}}
{{ if and (ne .Page.BundleType "leaf") (ne .Page.BundleType "branch" ) }}
{{ errorf "Bundle for page %s is neither branch/leaf. Rename to or" .Page.File.Path }}
{{ end }}

Using this snippet

Be liberal in using errorf and warnf where necessary.

Multiple parameters to a partial

Two or more parameters must be joined into one parameter. dict can be used for that purpose.

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